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Advent Calendar Disgrace!

December 10, 2008

Kinder Advent Calendar 2008

I had to spend a few minutes the other day explaining to my girlfriend, and consoling her –  it didn’t matter that the first door on the advent calendar (which I was opening) was so much larger than the second door (which she was opening), as over the 24 days they are bound to be organised so they even-out. If not they would be the cause of endless fights between children.

Oops. No: first door – large; second door – tiny; third door – large; fourth door – tiny; fifth door – large; sixth door – large (ooh); seventh door – large; eighth door – tiny…

There is one bonus for the person going second though – door number 24 is huge and most likely has a Kinder Surprise behind it! This got me thinking that actually the doors were cleverly organised and would even-out, and as I’ve obviously too much time on my hands, I decided to add up the door areas. [This is getting sad I know]. The results are:

2 Children

  • Child 1 opens 205.36 sq cm of door (41% more door than Child 2!)
  • Child 2 opens 145.57 sq cm of door

3 Children

  • Child 1 opens 106.36 sq cm of door
  • Child 2 opens 91.74 sq cm of door
  • Child 3 opens 152.83 sq cm of door

This doesn’t seem very fair.  I can hear the screams of a million disappointed children from here! When I was young, the three of us shared one advent calendar. Is this not the case any more? Perhaps we were an anomaly, and normally children had one each?

My final thought is – is it possible to order a reasonable number of different sized doors (say 3 sizes) on a calendar so that it wouldn’t matter whether 2, 3 or 4 children used the calendar, they would all get an equal total door size?  Call it a kind of Christmas puzzle!


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Matt, this is why, as children, my sister and I always had separate Advent calendars after one year of catastrophe.* Of course, this could explain why American children are so fat, but we normally weren’t allowed candy (or ‘sweets’).

    *My sister ate an entire month’s worth in one sitting when she was three or so. She will deny this, but we all know the truth. This happened on Day 5 or 6.

  2. Sarah permalink

    Anyway, your entire blog entry had me in stitches.

  3. Guy permalink

    I have just a few observations:

    1) You are making the assumption that all the children sharing the advent calendar DESERVE to have equal shares; maybe age should be a factor here, or maybe aggregate naughtiness over the year…

    2) I think you are an anomaly: don’t most children get an advent calendar each?

    3) The only disgrace here is not the fact that you bought such a terrible looking advent calendar nor that you wrote extensively about it in your blog, but the fact that you also took a photo of it and uploaded it to Flickr!!

    Hope you have a great x-mas.

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