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Wood Smoke

October 5, 2009

It just happened again! I tweeted about this last winter, and I may be repeating myself but I *love* living in a city where I can open the window and get a good waft of wood smoke. It evokes memories for me of Mousehole in Cornwall as a child. Just as soon as le ramoneur has visited, I shall be lighting a fire in our chimney.

These days it may be un-green to light a fire when it’s cold (wood is better than coal, I know) and it’s really not good for city pollution. For me though it smells like magic, and that is what this city is. Round every corner and down every rue there is something new to be discovered every day. Some days I hate it, and I may have to leave it, but magic is what it is – a city which hasn’t lost touch yet with its past.


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